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Christian Quagliotti - Altran Expert in Security and Safety for Solar Impulse

Christian Quagliotti - Altran expert in Security and Safety for Solar Impulse

I was involved in the Solar Impulse project in April 2014, when I was integrated in the Altran team for Safety and Security Analysis.

I worked on several systems (Warning System, Electrical System, Navigation System, SAS and MAS, Lights) and, at the end, I collected all the results from my colleague’s analyses and mine in order to perform the final assessment at Aircraft level, verifying the compliance with the safety requirements.

All the work had the aim to improve the aircraft safety and to obtain the permit to fly from the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) in Switzerland. Thanks to the great collaboration of the design team, it was possible to solve some single points of failure discovered during the analyses, increasing the safety of the pilot and of the overflown areas and achieving the probabilities required by the FOCA.

The biggest challenge was surely the verification of the flight safety during the longest missions, which are the Pacific and the Atlantic crossing: flying continuously for so many hours increases the pilot stress, but also increases the probability of critical failures in the aircraft.

At the moment the Pacific crossing from Japan to Hawaii has already been successfully completed, demonstrating the goodness of the design but also the benefit of the work done on the Systems Safety