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Maurizio Babbo - Altran Expert for Strategy & Flight Forecast

Maurizio Babbo -  Altran Expert for Strategy & Flight Forecast

I’ve joined the Strategy and Flight Forecast system in December 2015.


In this unit, we receive a lot of inputs and requests from Planning Engineers, ATC experts and meteorologists. We also run simulations with Platoo (Planning Tool) - developed by Stephane and Christophe – which allows us to find out opportunities to fly. Then, we adjust the whole flight strategy (route, timing, altitude…), taking into account mission requirements and constrains, such as:

-       - Weather conditions: cloudiness, rain, temperature, wind;

-       - ATC (Air Traffic Control) restrictions: min/max or mandatory altitude, forced waypoints;

-       - Altitude of the terrain below the Aircraft;

-       - Battery state of charge: init value, min value during the flight, max value at the end of the flight;

-       - Comfort of the pilot: in terms of the use of the oxygen, related to the flight altitude;

-       - Flight duration, to avoid tiredness for the pilot and to decrease the consumption of the -battery.


It’s an iterative process. We do it day-by-day, looking at the meteo update and hoping for a good weather forecast. During the flight, our aim is to anticipate maximum of events, computing continuously actualization of main route, alternate routes, etc.

Altran control screen in the MCC

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