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Meet the teams

The Altran teams of experts put their considerable experience to the benefit of this extraordinary technological and human adventure, over the years and throughout its evolving needs. Altran is involved in many fields: Modelling and Simulation, Security and Safety, Systems Engineering and Project Management, Monitoring and Alerting Systems, etc. The Innovation Makers explain their role in the various project teams.

Modelling and Simulation

Christophe Béesau

Altran Project Director, Advanced Modelling and Simulation, for Solar Impulse

I have developed a mathematical complexity theory, which is the basis of the activities of the Advanced Modelling & Simulation team that I manage.

Stéphane Young

Altran Engineer, Simulation, for Solar Impulse

My role is to model flight aircraft behaviour by taking into account all the environmental characteristics: geographical position, amount of sun, wind, clouds, etc.



Eleonora Grava

 Altran Expert for Strategy & Flight Forecast

Our aim is to find the optimal flight strategy and define the route, taking into account several factors, such as the weather conditions, ATC (Air Traffic Control) restrictions, battery state of charge, flight duration, geography and the comfort of the pilot.

Maurizio Babbo

 Altran Expert for Strategy & Flight Forecast

In this unit, we receive a lot of inputs and requests from Planning Engineers, ATC experts and meteorologists. We also run simulations which allows us to find out opportunities to fly.

Security and Safety

Cristina Biagi

Altran Project Manager, Security and Safety, for Solar Impulse

My role is to coordinate and supervise the technical part of the security and safety studies of the HB-SIB.



Matteo Bartoloni

Altran Expert, Security and Safety, for Solar Impulse

Within Solar Impulse, I belong to the team in charge of the safety of the project. I have to check all plane functions, identify any potential deficiency and collaborate with all the design team to improve the plane safety.



Christian Quagliotti

Altran Expert, Security and Safety, for Solar Impulse

I worked on several systems (Warning System, Electrical System, Navigation System, SAS and MAS, Lights) and, at the end, I collected all the results from my colleague’s analyses and mine in order to perform the final assessment at Aircraft level, verifying the compliance with the safety requirements.

Systems Engineering and Project Management

Javier Soto

Altran Expert, System Engineering and Project management, for Solar Impulse

My work is to improve procedures to ensure the success of the final mission to fly around the world.

Monitoring and Alerting system (SAS & MAS : Stabilisation Augmentation System & Monitoring Alerting System)

German Porras Alonso de Celada

Altran Project Manager, Monitoring and Alerting system, for Solar Impulse

I manage the actions of the alarm and monitoring systems for Altran Spain. The Monitoring and Alerting System (MAS) supervises the components of the Stabilisation Augmentation System (SAS) when the pilot is not manoeuvring the aircraft.



Jose Ignacio Maestra Onteniente

Altran Expert, Software, for Solar Impulse

I developed the co-pilot of the HB-SIB by designing and creating the software for the Monitoring and Alerting System (MAS).



Didac Zurita Pinol

Altran Expert, Aeronautics, for Solar Impulse

I handle the technical support and project management for the development of the hardware and software platform, for the development, security, testing and the integration of the Stabilisation Augmentation System (SAS).

Altran control screen in the MCC

See how Altran guides Solar Impulse around the world