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Discover the reports and photos related to the HB-SIA's missions and events during the 2011 season.

July 4, 2011: 3rd european flight Le Bourget-Payern

After a week at Paris Air Show where Solar Impulse got media attention as “Special guest”, the plane headed to its air base in Payerne on the 3rd of July, Sunday. A beautiful flight that was a success to close the campaign of Europeans flights that leaded Solar Impulse team to Brussels and Paris.

June 20-26, 2011: Paris Air Show stopover

After landing at Le Bourget under thunderous applause on June 14th 2011, the HB-SIA and all Solar Impulse team are welcome as “Special guests” of Paris Air Show that takes place in June, from the 20th to the 26th

June 14, 2011: 2nd european flight Brussels – Le Bourget

The HB-SIA prototype took on a new challenge yesterday by making a Brussels-Le Bourget flight in unusual weather conditions for the solar plane. After flying for 16 hours above the clouds, pilot André Borschberg received a warm welcome from those who were lucky enough to witness the majestic but silent landing.

May 23-28, 2011: stopover in Brussels

With the conquest of Europe, essential stopovers are added to historic flights, in the aim to spread Solar Impulse message. The success of the Brussels week during the Green Week opens the way to other stopovers with a lot of events.

May 13, 2011: 1st international flight Payern - Brussels

The HB-SIA's first flight outside Swiss boundaries was a success, it ended with a successful landing in Brussels on the evening of Friday, May 13.

2010 flight with the first 26 hours night flight

After 7 years of development and a fly hop at the end of 2009, the season starts for the prototype HB-SIA of Solar Impulse.