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7 - 16 July: stopover in Madrid

The stopover in Madrid was a chance for Altran's guests to explore the plane and meet the actors involved in the Solar Impulse project. Employees, customers, partners, students, teachers and the media – everyone was made welcome.

More than 200 people were welcomed by Bertrand Piccard and André Borshberg, the two pilots and co-founders of the project, during two intense events days organised by Altran Spain. On the agenda were an exploration of the plane, presentations by the pilots, meetings and discussions with the Solar Impulse team, a chance for enthusiasts to share their experiences, reflections on innovation and responsibility… In brief, those present were given the opportunity to see for themselves this unshakable link which has existed between Altran and Solar Impulse for a number of years.

Gonzalo Jiménez, Altran Manager: "I was very surprised by the small margin for error in the field. When you follow this type of project on the television, it seems too unreal to imagine all the problems, constraints and associated risks. When you are standing in front of the plane, you realise the complexity in achieving such a goal and solving the problems which arise during the different flights."

Alexandra Montes, Altran Consultant: "To think that 10 years ago no one would have imagined a solar plane other than in a science fiction film and that today it is actually in the air! It is as if we were living in the future."

During these few days devoted to the project partners, the Altran group shared its experience and restated its support for Solar Impulse. For its part, the Solar team was quick to thank all its partners and to highlight their mutual commitments.

"We are very proud to welcome Solar Impulse to Madrid. The link between Altran and Solar Impulse is a story of the shared passion and devotion of several men who, by pooling their experience and their energy, have turned a dream into reality. Alfonso Martinez, Altran Spain Chief Operating Officer

Looking back on Altran's involvement:

Calling on its multi-disciplinary expertise (project management, risk management, etc.) and its competencies in a wide range of sectors (aeronautical engineering, renewable energies and sustainable development), Altran has worked on different areas of the project over the years.

  • creation of a flight simulator, a planning tool essential in defining the flight strategies.
  • project management and organisational support: definition of tasks, planning, etc.
  • the definition and optimisation of the plane's energy systems, including the solar collectors on the wings, the electric motors operating the propellers and the batteries.

Today, the Altran team consists of ten consultants dedicated to both this technological challenge and to the cause itself.