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2014 Awards

Independent juries have elected three national laureates in France, Italy and Portugal.Each country had its theme for the award: fight against cancer, development of telemedicine, and citizenship in smart cities. 

Discover the Foundation awards in France, Italy and Portugal on the Foundation website

The National Award laureates were then gathered for the International Awards.

DAMAE Medical, 2014 International Award Laureate

The international jury gathering experts from participating country’s juries, independent experts and members of the Foundation’s Board, considered that DAMAE Medical was likely to have a great influence on the way we diagnose cancer, thanks to its revolutionary concept of optical imagery system for skin cancer screening.

During a year, an Altran expert’s team supported the start-up DAMAE Medical in order to make the project grow from laboratories to hospitals. Our goal was to turn this prototype into a transportable medical device for clinical tests. To begin with, this technological sponsorship enabled us to find three main axes of work:

  • Make this device transportable and easy to use for the medical staff. Altran has the mechanics, graphics and ergonomics skills needed for this task.
  • Obtain the CE marking needed so as to prepare some clinical tests. Altran expertise enables to ensure that both the process and the documents required respect the norms concerning a medical device for in vivo diagnosis.
  • Define the strategic planning and the detailed calendar for the following year, thanks to project management skills from Altran.

Park Smart wins the Innovation Makers Award 2014

The Innovation Makers from Altran and the public voted for the 2014 Innovation Makers Award on social networks: Park Smart is the 2014 Innovation Makers laureate. This project aims to optimise urban mobility, using a software exploiting cameras already implanted locally.

2014 awards