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To promote technological innovation for human benefit

Since it was founded in 1982, Altran has been involved in major innovations over the years, effectively helping to develop advanced technologies. Having become a global leader in innovation consulting, the Group wished to use the skills it had developed for the common good.

In 1996, Altran created a new independent entity: the Altran Foundation for Innovation. Its mission is to "Promote technological innovation for human benefit".

According to its statutes, the Foundation must select the projects that it supports via a competition.


To reward scientific projects that innovate for the common good

First, a national competition is organised in each participating country with a national theme. The laureates are selected by an independent jury made up of experts from different fields.

The international final then gathers the national juries’ Presidents to determine the International Award laureate among all the National Award laureates. Additionally, the Altran community and the general public also vote for the Innovation Makers Award.

In 2012, the Foundation changed the organisation of its competition. From 1996 to 2008, the Altran Foundation for Innovation organised annually a single international competition with changing themes every year.

The Foundation offers the National Award laureates a 6-month technological support for their project from a team of Altran experts. The International Award laureate receives an additional 6-month support.

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