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Engineering for Sustainability

Tackling climate change

Draconian environmental regulations are compelling companies to innovate. Altran supports its clients in answering these regulations.

Climate change is a priority issue and a technological challenge in three sectors in which Altran is involved.

Discover the key emissions reduction constraints and the areas of Altran expertise in these 3 key sectors: Energy, Automotive and Aeronautics.

Ethics, values and principles

Altran is committed to conduct business in an ethical manner, focusing on winning and maintaining the trust of our customers, suppliers, shareholders and business partners.

Ethical policies
Altran is committed to respect its ethical policies and develop its strategies related to the fight against corruption. In 2014, Altran published an Ethical Charter drawn up to provide all Altran employees a common framework for the Group’s commitments. Starting 2014, Altran also strengthened its commitment in the fight against corruption by developing and deploying a common anti-corruption policy for the Group as a whole.

Protecting data
Altran’s Information security approach underpins Group strategy in that it protects the core of the Group’s activity. Its purpose is to ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of the material elements of Altran’s IT systems, applications and data. Altran is committed to ensuring that its information security approach is compliant with legal and regulatory specifications in the countries where it operates, and meets all client expectations in terms of data security.

Altran has obtained ISO 27001 certification for its IT security management systems in Spain, in India, in Portugal and the UK.