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CSR reports

Corporate Social Responsibility – 2014 Reporting

In 2012, the Altran Group adapted its CSR reporting to take into account requirements set forth in Article 225 of the French Grenelle 2 law (Grenelle de l’environment). A chapter dedicated to CSR is included in the Management Report (Chapter 9, Section 4) of the 2013 Registration Document. An attestation of completeness and a fairness report issued by the Group’s statutory auditors are included in Appendix 3 of the 2013 Registration Document. The Corporate Social Responsibility and Activity report completes the information given in the Registration Document, details the key events and projects developed throughout the year and provides additional information relative to Altran’s social responsibility. This additional information is not a legal requirement but is expected by Group stakeholders. Altran expanded its reporting approach for 2014 by combining its annual CSR and Activity reports into one reporting document that gives a global view of Group activities and responsibilities over the period, as well as the key events that took place during the year.

2013 CSR report cover

Corporate Social Responsibility 2013 Report

Corporate Social Responsibility 2012 Report

2011 Altran Corporate Social Responsibility report

Corporate Social Responsibility 2011 Report

Supplement to the 2010 Report