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CSR reporting

2015 CSR reporting

To comply with the requirements set forth in Article 225 of the French Grenelle 2 law, Altran publishes a chapter dedicated to CSR in its Management report (Chapter 9, Section 9) of the 2015 Registration Document.

The Yearbook completes this information, and details the key events and projects developed in line with Altran strategic plan “Altran 2020. Ignition."

The 2015 CSR reporting has been prepared in compliance with version G4 of the Global Reporting Initiatives guidelines (GRI).

Extra-financial rating

Altran is assessed by several extra-financial rating agencies, financial analysts and clients.

Altran is assessed by the rating agency EcoVadis on behalf of several of its clients. The Group received a “Gold” ranking with an “Advanced” level of commitment. Altran is in the TOP 2% of suppliers assessed by the rating agency in all categories. Altran is also selected into the Gaïa Index, a SRI stock market index specialized on small and midcaps. Altran received the “prime” status of excellence from the Oekom research agency and the “CDP Climate Leadership Award for Best Newcomer”.