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Tim Bowe

Group Executive Vice-President Americas and Asia

Tim Bowe is Group Executive Vice-President Americas and Asia. He has also been a member of the Group Executive Committee since 2016. 

In his role, Tim Bowe drives the growth and expansion of business and steer the growth of high-value product development and engineering services in targeted countries.

Prior to this role, Tim Bowe was CEO of North America for Altran and CEO of Foliage, a company specialized in the development of innovative products acquired by the Group in 2014.

Tim Bowe has more than 20 years of work experience as a senior manager in business and engineering. He worked for Technology Integration, Inc., Eaton Semiconductor, Advanced NMR, Ion Beam Systems and Control Data.


He earned a Bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Merrimack College, and did graduate work in physics and computer science at the University of New Hampshire.