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The first season of THE i PROJECT is over. It unveiled 5 projects particularly innovative carried out by talented Innovation Makers:



Anticipate safety risks and consequences during the product design phase

Sergio di Ponzio, Italy


Safer Pharma for the World

Drug traceability and the fight against counterfeit medicine

Corinne du Chaxel, France



An offline smart indoor navigation system 

Tom Lawrie-Fussey, Cambridge Consultants


Storm Space

The virtual sticky notes board for interactive brainstorming sessions

François Loubaresse, France


Virtual Power Plant

A smart green energy management platform to increase competitiveness

Konrad Mussenbrock, Germany



From left to right: Sergio di Ponzo, Konrad Mussenbrock, Corinne du Chaxel, Tom Lawrie-Fussey and François Loubaresse. (©Vincent Holley)