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A smart indoor navigation system

by Tom Lawrie-Fussey

Indoor location is fast becoming a hugely competitive area. The demand for seamless integration with established outdoor GPS systems is driving the development of new indoor consumer solutions.

Ariadne (marketed as Trace)

Altran has something unique and innovative to offer facility owners and anyone else who needs to track their personnel in large, complex buildings. For example, the actual route of a security guard can be remotely tracked, the safety of firemen inside buildings can be enhanced and a doctor can be located quickly within a hospital.

Ariadne (marketed as Trace) combines Altran’s expertise in indoor tracking with a smart map scan/reader to give an accurate picture of personnel movement around a facility. It does not require any prior knowledge of the environment, other than a basic printed plan of the building. Ariadne uses simple consumer-level electronics, worn on the user's belt.

Tom Lawrie-Fussey (©Vincent Holley)