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Safer Pharma for the World

Drug traceability and the fight against counterfeit medicine

by Corinne du Chaxel

100,000 people die every year from using counterfeit drugs. Illicit drugs represent a rapidly growing, worldwide threat and a global market, valued at $200bn. This is a major issue for all the stakeholders in the pharmaceuticals value chain because until now, there has been no unique and reliable way of tracing drugs from the factory to the retailer, provider, etc.

Safer Pharma for the World

With “Safer Pharma for the World”, Altran is referencing all the traceability and authentication best practice solutions in order to establish an international common standard for all stakeholders, from pharmaceutical companies to public and private institutions and of course patients. Altran’s unique, transversal offering will ultimately provide sustainable solutions for the community.

This three-dimensional approach comprises a range of processes, technological methods, and information systems. It is designed to provide players in the pharmaceuticals value chain, as well as governments, customs and Interpol, with the appropriate tools to help save the lives of patients throughout the world on a daily basis.

Corinne du Chaxel (©Vincent Holley)