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Storm Space

The virtual sticky notes board for interactive brainstorming sessions

by François Loubaresse

Brainstorming sessions are ideal for stimulating people’s creativity in a business environment. During these sessions, the majority of participants tend to use conventional paper boards and sticky notes. Imagine if participants could use their own smartphones or tablets to jot down their ideas on virtual sticky notes, and then share them on a presentation screen, and manipulate them by gesture and voice.

Storm Space

Storm Space is a brainstorming app that enables people taking part in meetings to use their own devices to share their ideas with others in an original, rapid and efficient way. This greatly facilitates collaboration between participants, and encourages them to explore and better structure information.

Storm Space even offers remote access, enabling people who are not physically present at the meeting to join in via any Internet connection. Unlike other brainstorming apps, Storm Space is able to share, edit and organise the sticky notes of all participants in a unique and interactive way.

Francois Loubaresse (©Vincent Holley)