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Virtual Power Plant

A smart green energy management platform to increase competitiveness

by Konrad Mussenbrock

The fast-growing market share of green electricity, from the wind and solar power segments, is presenting a challenge for the energy industry as a whole. In order to decrease investment needs and operational expenditures related to this current evolution, flexible production and consumption capacities become more and more essential.

Virtual Power Plant

Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) are meant to be the most cost-efficient producers of dynamic flexibility in innovative electricity systems. This platform is capable of instantly compensating swings in production by either storing electricity or temporarily holding back energy demand from large customers, and thus generating savings or additional revenues for the various stakeholders involved.

Thus the Altran VPP leads to a maximized ROI by optimizing the portfolio in a more efficient way due to real option theory approach. It is based on a mathematical model which allows fast calculations even with a huge number of assets and guarantees robust trading strategies on all markets.

Konrad Mussenbrock (©Vincent Holley)