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Designing diagnostic and maintenance processes for the systems of tomorrow

by Patrick Chareyre

Amandine - Designing diagnostic and maintenance processes for the systems of tomorrow

The aeronautic, automobile and railway industries, as well as the energy sector, must comply with ever more stringent safety and maintenance requirements for the systems they use, while controlling the costs associated with these obligations. At the same time, the systems to be maintained and monitored are becoming more complex at a nearly exponential ra

As a result, diagnostic systems and maintenance processes must now be designed using simulations; expert reasoning is no longer sufficient. Amandine models systems in view of diagnosing malfunctions and maintenance. Engineering data (FMEA, characterisation of the diagnostic system, operating procedures for assembly, etc.) and feedback are combined in a statistical optimisation code. Based on the targeted maintenance and monitoring logic and the criterion or criteria to be optimised (cost, down time, personnel safety).

Amandine models your system or plant from the maintenance and repair angle.

Amandine provides:

  • the best strategy or strategies for default location, repair or maintenance,
  • direct updating of these strategies on the basis of feedback,
  • an estimate of maintenance expenses highlighting the most costly breakdowns,
  • a quantified comparison of the effectiveness of the different diagnostic solutions,
  • areas for improvement in the design of the diagnostic system, along with potential quantitative gains.

Amandine thus guarantees consistency between designing a system and maintaining it in operational condition. This new approach to diagnostic and maintenance simulation opens the door to new prospects. It makes it possible to design a more effective system while reducing maintenance expenses, which account for an ever higher proportion of the cost of ownership of complex systems.

Patrick Chareyre, Altran France
Patrick Chareyre, Altran France