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Reduce development, cost and time during the product design phase

by Mikel Garay

Cosimul8 - Reduce development, cost and time during the product design phase

The development of innovative products, which are becoming more and more complex, and their integration in several industries (automotive, energy, aerospace...) requires new engineering solutions in order to reduce development cost and time, and improve their behaviour. Cosimul8 meets this challenge using an innovative multiphysics (thermal, electrical, mechanical...) cosimulation platform. The methodology developed for this project represents a technical breakthrough compared to the existing state of the art.

The objective is to provide physical models developed with the best-suited software for each physical phenomenon, which allows: 

  • better accuracy than "all-in-one" tools,
  • minimum investment in new tools and the training that comes with it,
  • preservation of the knowledge and intellectual property of each team, if necessary.
For confidentiality reasons, the integrator doesn’t know what is inside each system and will need to run some tasks to integrate the various systems.

The data exchange is performed through a bus that allows co-simulation to make the switch. The added value of the project is on how to develop and model the various parameters, as well as to define the parameters exchanged in the bus. In summary, the Cosimul8 project aims at using the best tools for each physical problem, in order to reduce development time and improve accuracy, especially when the qualifying stage takes place in a virtual test bed.

Mikel Garay, Altran France
Mikel Garay, Altran France