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Distributed SOA

A new way to build automotive software architecture

by Miguel Lopez

Distributed SOA - A new way to build automotive software architecture

As is happening in most industries, software is more and more present in the automotive sector. In parallel, computers are becoming concentrated in a small number of powerful elements based on computer processor units, efficient networks and smart sensors. This requires rethinking the current automotive software execution environment architecture.

Our concept called "Distributed Service Oriented Architecture" is based on:

  • a scalable network of computation elements,
  • high-bandwidth communication,
  • centralisation of intelligence and functions.
Distributed SOA integrates automotive software with more flexibility and the same speed.

This new way of organising the software will help the car manufacturers to reduce costs and time-to-market by architecting services logically: 

  • it helps develop your software by focusing on your business logic, not on the plumbing,
  • it helps integrate your software easily without breaking the system. For instance, an after-market rear camera is added and collaborates with the existing system,
  • it helps change your logic distribution seamlessly.

To fulfill such requirements in embedded systems, the responsiveness platform is mandatory to manage the communication and distribution of the functions efficiently within the eco-system. The approach is relevant to the automotive industry but we are convinced that it is applicable in many other domains in the embedded world such as energy or aerospace.

Miguel Lopez, Altran France
Miguel Lopez, Altran France