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Wearables that people actually want to wear

by Martin Brock

XelfleX - Wearables that people actually want to wear

XelfleX is a breakthrough wearable technology in which the garment itself becomes the sensor. Wearable tech is coming – to the media, to big name brands like Google and Adidas, to startups and investors, and probably to your wrist. Wearables give consumers new ways to improve their sport technique, their gaming or their therapy. But current wearables are often bulky, inelegant and fail to deliver useful information to their users.

XelfleX will deliver "wearables that people actually want to wear" and that give truly insightful information. It enables low-cost full-body motion capture and has the potential to succeed in consumer, medical and industrial applications. XelfleX shows how Altran is positioning itself at the centre of the wearable technology revolution.

XelfleX implements technology making the garment itself a sensor, which will detect power and bending, and deliver comprehensive, useful information.
Martin Brock, Cambridge Consultants
Martin Brock, Cambridge Consultants