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Launching in Spain - Excellence center for new automotive technologies

Launching in Spain

The “Altran Excellence Centre for new automotive technologies” opens in Barcelona

Altran, global leader in innovation and high-tech engineering consulting, inaugurated today in Barcelona the “Altran Excellence Centre for new automotive technologies”.  

This global excellence centre will concentrate the Group’s projects related to innovation and electric vehicle development offering to its clients a unique expertise about electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles and CO2 emission reduction systems.

The “Altran Excellence Centre for new automotive technologies” will benefit from the Altran’s 30 years experience in the automotive sector. Programmed to recruit best talents in Electric Vehicles, Mechanics, Electronics, Engines and Innovation, the Centre will accompany its clients from the automotive sector, such as Renault, Nissan, PSA, BMW, Seat, Volkswagen and Porsche.

Within the five next years, the Centre will recruit 400 consultants, who will join the 2 000 automotive specialists operating within 20 countries in the world.

“The automotive industry is undergoing radical transformation. Altran positioned as the Innovation Partner of the sector is more and more addressing the fundamental mobility issues linked to vehicles of the Future. That is why the opening of a new excellence centre will facilitate the cross fertilization of our competencies in automotive”, outlines Cosimo de Carlo, Executive Director for Altran Automotive, Infrastructure and Transportation.


Barcelona – electric Europe’s lung

Altran has decided to install this Excellence Centre in Barcelona, due to the wide range of experiences that the Group has been able to gain in the automotive industry over the last few years, together with the different initiatives that Barcelona has carried out to promote the electric vehicle that has turn the city into a reference point in Spain and within Europe.

“As innovation makers, we investigate new technologies, in Altran Spain, we are proud to have this Centre in the city of Barcelona from where we will offer dedicated services to our customers worldwide. The new talents of the Centre together with our 2 000 experts will contribute efficiently to the future of the automotive industry”, commented Luis Abad, Vice-President of the Altran group for Southern Europe. 

This new Centre is part of the project called Ba-tech, which Altran is developing and includes the creation of four excellence centers in Barcelona: web development, electronic administration, new automotive technologies and change management.


Electricity taking on petrol 

In the evening, Altran has organized an event in the streets of Barcelona in order to show one of the key automotive projects, in collaboration with Quimera. Reina María Cristina Street, in the Catalonian capital turns into a race track. Electricity will test and measure its strengths. 

During the event, attendees have been able to join the live street show in which the main characters were the AEDC (All Electric Drift Car) competed against a McLaren MP4-12C, a petrol sports car.

The AEDC is a full electric car designed to race in drifting competitions and offers an instantaneous surge of electric power giving a 0-60mph of 3.2 seconds. Due to the chemistry make up the batteries are much safer with no thermal runaway and a re-charge time of approx 1 hour, with 80% charge.

In addition, Altran has unveiled for the first time shown, some of their current developments in cooperation with Quimera: the AEGT-Evo2 and the AEGF (All Electric Great Formula). These vehicles are designed to redefine the concept of Racing Cars and start racing in 2013. 

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