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Philippe Salle

Refocusing on profitable growth

As announced at the 2011 shareholders meeting, and after four months at the head of the Altran group, Philippe Salle, Chairman and Chief Executive, presented, on 19 October 2011, his strategic plan for 2012-2015 targeting a return to profitable growth with the launch of twelve major projects.

This strategic review confirms the high level of Altran's consulting expertise with regards to technological innovation and high-tech engineering and underscores the significant growth potential in the Group's field of activity


Boost sales > Revenue: more than €2.0bn in 2015

Enhance margins > EBITA: 11-12% of sales (at peak of cycle)

Cash generation > Free cash flow: 2-4% of sales

"After carrying out this strategic review, I am convinced that, in order to benefit fully from the numerous strengths the Group has to offer, we must refocus on our key markets and cut operating costs. This is the objective of the action plan that I have presented and will implement with my team over the coming months; a plan designed to revive growth and restore margins to levels more in keeping with the status of the Group."

Statemement from Philippe Salle, Chairman and Chief Executive, during the Investors Day on 19 October 2011

Altran in' Live

On the occasion of this strategic review, the Altran group organised an exhibition called Altran in' Live, showcasing some of its innovative products and contributions. Here are a few pictures (© B. Decout/REA).


What are the mid-course results?

On 17 October 2013, during the Analyst Day and midway through Altran’s 2012-2015 strategic plan, Philippe Salle, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Group, presented the mid-course results

Did you know?

Did you know that Altran is onboard the first ever space mission to Mercury? Did you know that [...]

Did you know?

Did you know?

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This is the jingle used for the presentation of Altran's strategy

Altran Strategy Presentation Jingle

Altran Strategy Presentation Jingle

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