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Strategic mid-term review

Ambitious 2012-2015 strategic-plan objectives confirmed

Midway through the Group’s 2012-2015 strategic plan presented by Philippe Salle in October 2011 and  despite tough economic conditions, Altran has been delivering strong growth in its business and income for the past two years. Moreover, the Group is expected to generate profitable growth throughout 2013.

The 12 projects announced in 2011 were launched with a view to guiding the Group in its transformation, and quest for growth and financial efficiency.


Altran has confirmed its 2015 objectives and is targeting:

• €2bn revenues, while maintaining its dynamic acquisition strategy,

• EBITA equal to, or higher than, 11% (12% at the top of the cycle),

• Free Cash Flow of 3-6% at the top of the cycle (compared with 2-4% in the initial plan). 

“For the past two-and-a-half years, Altran has been keeping its promises and going all out to achieve its 2015 goals in spite of an unfavourable economic environment. We will step up  Altran’s development, notably by focusing on three strategic pillars: product development and the launch of two global solutions (Intelligent Systems and Lifecycle Experience), to ensure an upmarket impetus for our offerings and to boost growth for the Group on target markets. This strategy will also enhance Altran’s position as a key strategic partner for its clients’ innovation projects”.

Philippe Salle, Chairman and Chief Executive

Interview of Philippe Salle