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ASD Innovation Studios

Innovating in the Aerospace and Defence (ASD) sector

Moderator: Olivier Nold

As an innovation partner in the Aerospace and Defence sector for more than 30 years, Altran aims to set itself apart by:

  • making our expertise more visible ;
  • favouring processes focused on continued progress and improvement;
  • creating a culture of innovation around a relevant ecosystem.

The goal is to reinforce our clients’ perception of our signature “Innovation Makers” offering and to make it even more concrete in their eyes.

The Innovation Studios concept fits in with this strategy and helps us clarify certain aspects of our expertise, share ideas on the key challenges in the ASD sector and identify the priority areas in terms of performance acceleration.

4 topics will be addressed:

  • Systems Engineering
  • Innovation Management
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing
  • VueForge – transforming Big Data into new business

These topics will be presented in four 30-minute workshops.

Olivier Nold

Global ASD Account Director