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The Aerospace sector and sustainable development objectives

What are the new tools?

Moderator: Anne-Laure Cadène

Players in the Aeronautics sector must achieve the European environmental targets and rise to the challenges of sustainable development.

Moreover, the enduring value of these solutions is an argument that can help enhance the sector’s competitiveness and create new industrial activities. Various mechanisms can be put into play to meet these objectives: new motor and systems architectures, lighter structures, new materials and resources, traffic management, airport operations, etc.

These changes call for innovative tools and methods for designing and implementing new industrial activities while incorporating sustainable development criteria into the decisions stakeholders must make.

Altran Research is working on all these topics and will present three research projects at the conference to illustrate the issues on several levels:

  • SONIA – multi-physical, multi-objective and topological tools for design optimisation, taking into account new and future manufacturing processes such as additive manufacturing
  • EEE – Multi-criteria, decision-making and optimisation tools to evaluate the environmental impact of new materials and surface treatments in response to REACH regulations.
  • SEARRCH – Tools and methods for evaluating the sustainable value of recycling composites used in the aeronautics industry.




Anne-Laure Cadène

Scientific Director of Altran Research programme