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Experiment: demonstrators

Demonstrators: touch, test and understand the Group's expertise

Touch, test and understand: a "hands-on" approach that best demonstrates the savoir-faire capitalised by Altran for the aerospace sector.

With more than 30 years of experience and expertise as an integrator, the Group's dedicated experts in each domain share their passion with our clients and demonstrate their commitment to help them carry out their respective projects and turn their dreams into reality.

Air Traffic Management, additive fabrication, connectivity, etc.: all of the Altran demonstrators exhibited at the Paris Air Show illustrate the credibility of the Group’s solutions which are all designed to address the key challenges of the future, and in keeping with the client company’s culture, organisation and savoir-faire.




Smart Intelligent Aircraft Structures


4D Visualisation

Cutting-edge Air Traffic Management


Portable on-board printer

Holographic Radar

Clutter-free surveillance


The Internet of Things in action