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Innovate: key messages

Innovate, accelerate, experiment

At the centre of the worldwide challenges facing the aerospace sector, the steady rise of connected industry is affecting all players and stakeholders in the value chain.

As a strategic partner, Altran works with its clients to rise to the new challenges posed by the quickening pace of the entire aeronautics industry, as well as the development of technologies that drive the Internet of Things forward, along with the new opportunities embodied in Industry 4.0 in terms of both technology integration and performance optimisation.  

Thanks to Altran extensive knowledge of a panoply of industrial sectors and its expertise in Information Systems, the Group is able to anticipate advances triggered by digital technologies and develop appropriate ways of working.

Altran has developed strategic partnerships and alliances with major clients to provide innovative and value-creating solutions ranging from guidance to co-development of products and services.

With over 30 years of experience in the aerospace sector and more than 4,000 experts operating worldwide, Altran is an indispensable player in this industry.