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A new engineering horizon - 2015 Yearbook

In response to client needs for more value from their providers of engineering and innovation services, Altran has begun to transform its approach on a global basis. Altran’s vision focuses on building sustainable partnerships to help clients sharpen their competitive edge. This document describes the profound changes that are driving shifts in client needs and expectations worldwide and presents the company’s response – the "Altran 2020. Ignition plan".


Altran report on Telecom & Media sector in Europe

The new Altran report entitled “Value migration in the Telecom and Media sector in Europe: a European tragedy?” analyses the value migration game over the last decade, with a global scope. The report examines the market capitalization of 41 companies in 6 key Telecom & Media segments: Telecom Operators, Telecom Vendors, Terminal Vendors, IT Vendors, Internet Companies (OTT’s), Media Companies. The analysis highlights how Europe was sidelined compared with major US and Asian companies in a market that could experience its next technological revolution in the upcoming years.


Innovation Matters

Discover the Altran online magazine : Innovation Matters Splicing the DNA of the Altitude magazine it replaces with the latest editorial and social media trends, Innovation Matters is a brand new online science and technology publication from the Altran group. It showcases the knowledge and know-how of Altran experts, who are directly involved in the process.


2014 CSR and Activity report


The Altran 30-year anniversary book

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