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Altran at the 2015 PDA Europe "Quality & Regulations" conference

Oxo, part of the Altran group, hosted a workshop on 25 June on the optimisation of the efficiency of Quality Systems with the presence of regulatory agencies, as part of the “Quality & Regulations” conference organised by PDA Europe in Brussels (Belgium). This one-day workshop focused on the following topic: “Effective Quality Systems – How to Ensure that Documentation and Practical Actions are Aligned”.

Altran at the 2015 PDA Europe "Quality & Regulations" conference

During the workshop, participants gott an overview of the different kinds of remarks related to the QMS companies can have during inspections, learn how to measure the cost of documentation and its efficiency from the end-user’s point of view with an innovative quality metric called « Overall Documentary Efficiency Rate », and learn about business process management, the basis of ICH Q10.

A first cross-sector benchmark was presented on the level of maturity of life sciences companies in mastering the business process management approach.

For the detailed agenda of the workshop, please follow this link. For any other information, please contact us at the following address: lifesciences@remove-this.altran.com