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Altran at the Paris Air Show 2013

An inside view of the trends in the aeronautics sector

With more than 20,000 experts worldwide, Altran is the global leader in Innovation and High-Tech Engineering Consulting. For 30 years, the Group and its dedicated team of 4,000 highly-skilled specialists have been providing customised solutions for the Aeronautics, Space and Defence industries; a track-record and expertise that makes it one of the key players in the ASD sector today.

In a complex and centralised Aerospace market, driven by the wide range of environmental and new-technology challenges that need addressing, Altran’s role as a strategic partner is to resolve all of our clients’ issues and fulfil their needs in terms of innovation, supplier optimisation, and performance management.

Altran’s decision to invest in the strategic Air Transport segment has prompted the Group to adopt a new approach to the market that requires forging partnerships and alliances, as well as working hand-in-hand with our main clients, to develop tangible innovative solutions.

For its 5th season as an exhibitor at the Paris Air Show - Le Bourget, Altran has gone far beyond presenting a culture of excellence by developing and implementing a proactive, customised approach based on innovative methods specifically designed to offer its clients the best solutions in terms of Intelligent Systems, Lifecycle Experience, Mechanical Engineering and Information Systems.

Get a bird's eye-view of the trends in the aeronautics sector