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Altran at the heart of the connected television challenges

Demonstrating how the emergence of connected television has been a game-changer in the media industry, Altran releases on Friday 9 March 2012 the initial results of the Mes Services TV (“My TV Services”) experiment, the first package of interactive services on DTTV.

Working in partnership with AFDESI (Association for the Development of Enhanced TV Services and Interactivity), Altran lent its technical expertise to ensure the successful conclusion of the Mes Services TV experiment, the first package of interactive services rolled out on Digital Terrestrial Television, with the agreement of the CSA (the French media authority).

This is a first in Europe. This portal has been designed to enhance the viewer's experience in all domains including citizenship, personal care, information and leisure. Mes Services TV can be accessed from its own video channel broadcast on DTTV and takes the form of a portal where the viewer can browse freely using a remote control.

Altran's expertise in two particular areas was key to the success of the experiment, based on the new HbbTV standard:

  • the technical platform hosting the access portal to editor services, for which Altran handled all the construction and management phases (construction, implementation, testing, management and maintenance)
  • support for editors, where Altran has worked to help them adopt this technology, guiding them through application development and implementation of their new services (Flash code for example)

In this way, Altran demonstrates its capacity to address the various players in the telecoms and media industry value chain: from content suppliers, broadcasters and Internet access suppliers through to consumer electronics and network suppliers. Altran's unique expertise in the various high-speed broadcast technologies brings clients with services in key IPTV domains and HbbTV, the new pan-European television standard.

In an increasingly complex and connected world, Altran presents a complete offer including advice and support covering the main topics relating to digital convergence, namely economic sustainability, technological opportunities and the optimum conditions for implementing these new services.