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The objective of THE i PROJECT is to promote Research & Innovation internally by an important programme organised around contests, awards and value creation to reinforce our positioning as global leader in innovation. Pascal Brier, Executive Vice-President, Strategy, Innovation and Group Solutions

What is it?

Innovation is what we provide every day to our clients. And it’s also and above all an in-house value.

This is why we launched THE i PROJECT – i for innovation –, our internal innovation contest lets us identify and support innovations designed by our employees, called the Innovation Makers, to meet our clients’ future needs in all industrial and service sectors worldwide.

Open to all the Innovation Makers, this programme supports all kinds of innovation: technical and services offers, business models…

Each project submitted by the Innovation Makers must be new and exciting to most, fit with the Altran strategy and have potential impacts on Altran: clients, reputation, attractiveness.

Up to 10 projects are granted per year.

The projects are selected by a jury of some of the most senior and experienced employees – with business as well as technical background – within the Altran group.


Who is it for?

THE i PROJECT is open to all the Altran Employees. Still, strength lies in numbers. And teams from one or several units will be preferred to lone rangers. 


What's to be gained?

Each winning team gets a significant budget to pay for the personnel required, external spending, prototype making…

Among a number of recognitions, winning team members which are successful in delivering their project will be awarded a “distinctive Altran Innovation Maker title” by the Executive Committee. In addition, people not involved in the winning teams but who have provided sponsoring, coaching, supports are awarded a “best Innovation Sponsor title”.