Robotic Process Automation is a software and a service that allows you to transact in and between any IT application or website, typically in the same way a human would do, to automate repetitive, rule-based work or tasks.

Why you need it

Organizations are under pressure to be more productive and achieve better results with fewer resources. Every day employees strive to complete countless time-consuming business processes that demand accuracy and speed. But there’s a better way. Humans are error-prone, and doing the same thing over and over can be a source of frustration among employees. Automating manual tasks through robotic process automation has been proven to improve employee engagement, productivity, and regulatory compliance.

RPA helps you focus on your business activities instead of your computer activities. Once your center of expertise is set up, you can expect a new operational script every week. Olivier Blerot RPA Solution Manager

What it does

Altran is an official partner of the software vendor UIPATH and has also developed its own RDA solution: BotForge. RPA is a fast implementation shadow IT that would be too costly for pure IT implementation. It can also be a solution for the transition towards a complex IT implementation. We take care of all the steps:

  • Proof of Concept: process discovery and business case, process mapping, assessment and redesign, solution implementation and validation.
  • Pilot: engaging key stakeholders, developing high-level roadmap, designing operating model
  • Full scale roll-out: industrializing implementation and change, setting up DevOps infrastructure, organizing and operating the infrastructure.



Your Digital Assistant

Our Key Assets

  • Workload Optimization

  • Employee Satisfaction

  • Monitoring & Reporting