To achieve new growth, industrials and electronics’ players need to invest in new technologies and boost their competitive advantage to reclaim market share from their rivals. In a fiercely competitive environment, we help you come out a winner.


    24 %

    the gain in equipment efficiency through IoT monitoring of production lines 


    13.3 %

    the rise of IoT integrated circuit sales between 2015 & 2020 


    10.4 %

    the rise of CAGR of smart manufacturing between 2016 & 2022 


Industrials and Electronics are entering a new age, driven by IoT and global connectivity. All industries are now adopting Industry 4.0 capabilities – like automation, robotics and 3D printing – while Big Data and Analytics offer new potential for improving quality, reducing costs and boosting competitiveness. In high-tech, the western economies provide the front end for an industry whose back office now extends right across the planet.


  • Electronics & Semiconductors

    Our portfolio of solutions supports the entire semiconductor value chain and R&D lifecycle, from Silicon through to Product Design:

    • Silicon Design
    • Platform Design
    • Product Design
  • Consumer goods

    We support end to end solutions for innovative “concept to prototype” in consumer goods industry:

    • Innovation & Design
    • Consumer Product Development
    • VueForge® IoT Solutions
  • Industrial automation

    Our portfolio of solutions create disruptive added value, manage Big Data and Analytics and meet new industry challenges in the shift towards Industry 4.0:

    • Innovation & Design
    • System Engineering and Model-based System Engineering
    • VueForge® IoT Solutions
    • Analytics
    • Industry 4.0


Industrial specialists worldwide


World Class Center IoT & Edge Computing

Our experts provide advanced knowledge of devices, networks and platforms to help you gain improved operational efficiency and business development.

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Our expertise centers

  • Agility to boost your projects

    Our Agile methodologies are based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functionnal teams.

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Delivering value from data analytics

Five rules to ensure your analytics investments succeed.


Our key assets in Industrials & Electronics


    Innovative footprint

    Based on cross-industry synergies


    Entire product lifecycle

    From innovation to development


    A global network

    Over 1 000 specialists


    1 000 electronics designers

    In Industrialized GlobalShore®


    Strong presence

    In Electronics/Semiconductors



    With all major chipset vendors