The defense industry is urged to answer security challenges, while brand new entrants are transforming space into a thriving industry. Altran is a global player leveraging industry excellence to enable legacy and disruptive stakeholders to tackle their R&D, production and business challenges.

  • €202 Bn

    Market size for cybersecurity in 2021

  • $11.5 Bn

    UAV market size in 2024

  • €7.53 Bn

    European space industry sales in 2015


With security concerns and investments occupying center-stage across the world, the defense industry is under strong pressure to modernize its capabilities. Meanwhile, the space industry is undergoing an industrial reorganization, while space exploration, debris recycling and tourism open up new perspectives. Together with new client needs – like protection from cyber attacks – and the emergence of non-traditional competitors, these developments are putting intense pressure on existing players in the global defense and space value chain.


  • Lead-time reduction and downsizing acceleration

    We accelerate time-to-market by combining agile methodologies and end-to-end services from disruptive product development to Industry 4.0:

    • Manufacturing 4.0
    • Quality
    • Satellites and launchers’ engineering
    • Systems engineering and MBSE
    • Mechanical engineering & Physics
  • Disruptive services & connectivity

    We boost your portfolio of innovative digital services, integrating deep understanding of aerospace and cross-industry experience in industrial analytics and IoT applied to heterogeneous vectors and platforms:

    • Intelligent and connected systems (avionics, ground systems & operation, smart unmanned system, real-time intelligence connectivity, global communications)
    • Innovation & Design (including Design to X)
    • Analytics
    • Digital transformation
    • VueForge® IoT Solutions
  • Security

    We create end-to-end services as an integrator of smart and innovative solutions leveraging Big Data technologies and industrial analytics for intelligence applications (from cyber‑security to homeland security):

    • Safety
    • Security



specialized engineers across the world

Case study

Portable Onboard Printer 3D

Producing a system of automated additive manufacturing aboard the International Space Station.


World Class Center Analytics

We are responsible for the advanced analytics that underpin the European Space Agency's Solar Orbiter mission.

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Our expertise centers

  • Agility to boost your projects

    Our Agile methodologies are based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functionnal teams.

White paper

Seven principles for achieving security and privacy

The increasing prevalence of IoT and Big Data has fostered concern about security.


Our key assets in Space, Defense & Naval



    With key European satellite and launcher manufacturers


    Product lifecycle coverage

    At every step of development



    With the main European players in defense and naval



    Large panel of defense products


    World-class solution

    For unmanned systems

  • Picto security

    Key stakeholder

    In the security and cyber‑security