Health & Safety Initiative

We are undergoing unforeseen and unprecedented changes: the Covid crisis is shaking the way we live and work. With our global Health and Safety expertise, Altran can help you secure the continuity of your business and ensure a safe working environment.

Adjusting to the
"new normal"

Addressing the Covid-19 crisis requires us to adapt by establishing a
“NEW normal” where we tune and drive businesses in face of the world’s continuously evolving situation.

Adaptability & responsiveness are key, and Altran’s industry & technology knowledge is the constant you can rely on to tackle the challenges and help you and your organization focus on your objectives by:

  • Creating a safe environment for your employees
  • Adapting to the new standards, regulation and laws
  • Rebuilding the team spirit after the crisis
  • Reorganizing facilities in a safe way
  • Ensuring business continuity
  • Supporting the roll-out of your new supply chain and management of new suppliers
  • Redefining your production environment to adapt to new safety standards and rules
Our goal is to bring your company back to work:

Our health and safety concept

With our H&S solutions, we help you identify, manage and reduce the risks linked to the corona situation.

We offer global support to drive people safety in your organization in six activity packages. All our services can be integrated leveraging on a specific portfolio of digital assets created by Altran, specifically dedicated to manage sanitary crisis.

With a click on each package, you will get more information.

  • We support you to ensure your business continuity
    (acc. to ISO 45001: 2018; 14001: 2015).


    • Regulation monitoring
    • Adaption of procedures, instructions and processes
    • Risk assessment, Change Management, Training and Communication
    • Selection of correct Protection Measures and Personal Protective
      Equipment (PPE)
    • Subcontractor Management
    • Implementation of ISO 22301 (Business Continuity Management)
  • We support the roll-out of your new supply chain.


    • Sourcing and selection of new suppliers
    • Price and contract negotiations
    • Management of suppliers across the entire product cycle
    • Ordering of material for serial flow; management of non-conformities
    • Guarantee of on time / on quality delivery
    • Implementation of new ERP to ensure appropriate tracking of deliveries
    • Elimination of any non-added value task through process automation (creation of a lean process)
  • Preparing a safe working environment in your company


    • New measures in specific working environment (office, production, warehouse) to comply with new regulations
    • Adaption and update of documentation required due to new rules
    • New working processes and guidelines for employees
    • Implementation of strictest hygiene standards
    • Reconfiguration of working space (office and production) environment
  • Putting your employees at the heart of your business


    • Creation and update of the Training Materials and procedures, Training of Employees (classroom or online platform) to ensure compliance with new procedures
    • Safety Awareness Events organization
    • Crisis Management Training – ensuring business continuity
    • Team Building Workshop and Awareness animation
    • Leadership Coaching
  • We redefine your manufacturing processes and quality standards.


    • Analysis of As-Is situation – work processes, critical nearness, logistics and definition of the Safe & Optimized Value Stream
    • Adaptation of working space (offices, factories, warehouses) based on new Health & safety standards
    • Integration of Safety Markings
    • Defining points of disinfections for hands, for tools etc.
    • Integration of new rules (e.g. separate entry and exit stairs, elevators with special access)
    • New Suppliers’ Quality Management
    • Implementation of different Regulations and standards requirements
    • Inspection of product (incoming, production lines, final product)
  • Your support on-site to ensure process compliance


    • Risk Assessment
    • Ensure on-site strict compliance with HSE plans
    • Audits and inspections
    • Site inductions
    • Performance reporting to Management
    • Incident investigation and analysis
    • Subcontractors coordination

Our offer

Through our Health and Safety expertise across multiple industries, Altran supports you in ensuring business continuity during and after the Covid-19 crisis and to create a safe working environment in your company.

We provide our cross sectors real time insight and our deep know-how of your business processes.

We combine technological expertise with proven experiences in strategic fields such as Life Sciences and Medical Equipment manufacturing.

With the right expert for every topic, we cover the entire value chain by providing integrated solutions tailored to your needs, containing engineering, digital assets and technologies,  manufacturing and supply chain, training and communication solutions.


We in Altran believe that a successful transformation of a business goes through the health and safety of its employees and its environmental impact. We can support you in these fields like we always have done until this new era. Dimitrios Galinos HSE Expert at Altran

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