Innovation is transforming the business environment: today, seven of the world's top 10 highest-valued companies are newcomers compared with just five years ago.

Why Altran?

“Innovate or abdicate” is the new paradigm and R&D is the new battlefield. Most of the world’s leading companies now understand that only well-targeted, ambitious and deliberate R&D strategies will enable them to build and maintain a competitive advantage. In an age when time-to-market has become an obsession and digital disruptions are everywhere, we leverage innovation to help companies develop and manufacture unmatched products and services.


More than

49 500

specialist engineers throughout the world


We help the world’s largest innovators engineer the products and services of tomorrow by leveraging our experts, labs, tools and frameworks across three main expertise domains

  • Product & Systems Engineering

    We design, engineer, and test complex systems & products, providing point expertise, assets and services on any specific steps of the product development lifecycle, or taking responsibility on full product development projects.


  • Industrial Operations

    With a combined expertise in manufacturing engineering, sectorial domain knowledge and hands-on experience in technologies, we help industrial companies to transform their operations. We deliver quantified improvement in performance, flexibility, and productivity.


  • Digital & Software

    We work with leading companies to create new client experiences, build and deploy cutting-edge products, and deliver operational efficiencies at the continuous speed of today’s markets.



Tomorrow's Engineering

Did you know that the world is living in a new equilibrium. Altran unveils the shift that happened.


Experts in the use of data science to accelerate evidence-based decision making, improve profitability, reduce costs and out-innovate the competition.

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Our key assets


    Value-added solutions & joint innovation


    Huge cross-domain expertise


    Strategic R&D decision-making


    10 World Class Centers