World Class Centers are currently in operation worldwide 



    are planned for late 2020 


    1 000+

    projects delivered by our WCC Analytics 

The best of innovation

Our World Class Centers bring the best of Altran to our clients worldwide. By tapping into Altran’s multi-domain expertise, they enable you to jump-start development programs by using sub-systems, tools and other assets that already exist. Each one brings together a raft of differentiating assets and a team of top-level experts and solution managers.

Our world class centerS at a glance

Our World Class Centers gather the best people in their fields from around the world, whether experts into their industry and technology.

  • World Class Center Cybersecurity

    With unrivalled experience and knowledge, we help organisations attain and sustain cybersecurity compliance with ever-evolving standards, legislation and regulations. Using our technical expertise, we help clients define, confront and combat cybersecurity threats so they can confidently face their customers.

  • World Class Center Innovation & Design

    Our team acts as a catalyst for distinctive products that deliver a competitive advantage

    • Analyzing data and trends
    • Generating content and solutions
    • Developing concepts into viable business models
    • Transforming processes and organizations

  • World Class Center Analytics

    Our experts in applied data science help you out-innovate the competition:

    • Over 30 years’ experience delivering 1 000s of analytics projects
    • 250 of the brightest scientific minds
    • Focus on business impact ahead of other considerations

  • World Class Center IoT Solutions

    Our experts supply advanced knowledge to help you develop your own customized Internet of Things applications:

    • Expertise throughout the IoT technology chain
    • Off-the-shelf and customized solutions
    • Partnerships with leading IoT solutions providers
    • 100s of IoT projects deployed
    • Ability to advise, engineer and operate IoT projects

  • World Class Center Advanced Manufacturing

    Our experts in manufacturing performance provide the roadmap for Industry 4.0 transformations:

    • Deep domain knowledge
    • Broad technological expertise
    • Focus on innovation

  • World Class Center Advanced Networks

    We assist Telecom Operators in designing and managing new network technologies:

    • Over 100 best-in-class engineers
    • Over 20 years’ experience in Telecoms
    • Multi-technology know-how

  • World Class Center Passive Safety

    Our specialists in complete vehicle passive safety help you develop effective and efficient safety technologies:

    • Advanced technologies plus all necessary hardware and software to fulfill OEM and Tier 1 regulations worldwide
    • Highest accuracy and maximum automation
    • Compliant with the most stringent requirements (ECE regulations, EU directives, NCAP, etc.)

  • World Class Center Life Sciences Process Excellence

    Our best-in-class consulting services help you optimize your core business processes:

    • Innovative in-house metrics:
    • Proven compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Robust change management methods
    • Benchmarking on multiple processes and companies