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The Altran Foundation aims to promote the development of technological innovation, science, the improvement of living conditions and education in the general interest and for the most disadvantaged sectors of society.

Altran Foundation

Altran Foundation for Innovation

La Fundación tiene como finalidad promover el desarrollo de la innovación tecnológica, la ciencia, la mejora de las condiciones de vida y la educación en pro del interés general y de los sectores más desfavorecidos de la sociedad.


The activity of the Foundation is developed on two frameworks:

  • Collaboration with the Third Sector to make them more competitive and efficient in their activity.
  • Cooperation in the development of strategic projects.

This activity is carried out through two ways: corporate volunteering projects or donation of consulting hours.

Altran Foundation

Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Plans of action in the differents areas of work of the Foundation

Strategic Plan

Executive summary

Action areas for Altran Foundation


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the governing, representative and administrative body of the Foundation, which carries out its functions in accordance with the provisions of the legal system and its Statutes.

Composition of the Board of Trustees

Altran Foundation for Innovation



The Altran Foundation for Innovation was established on 17 July 2016 by means of public deed number 1887, granted before the notary of the Illustrious College of Catalonia Mr. Tomás Feliu Álvarez de Sotomayor, completed with public deed number 2281, granted on 20 September 2016, before the same notary who granted the initial deed of incorporation, recording its registration in the Registry of Foundations of state competence by Ministerial Order of 25 November 2016, with the registration number assigned being 1854. The inscription entails the recognition of the general interest of its purposes.

Statutes of the Foundation


Areas of Action of the Altran Foundation

  • Corporate volunteering

    The Foundation promotes corporate social volunteering, providing the resources and activities that are both needed and of use to have a positive impact on society, particularly among the most disadvantaged sectors:

    • Innovation
    • Technology
    • Education
    • The Environment
    • Social – Health aspects
  • Social Integration

    This line aims to contribute to improving the living conditions of children, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion or with disabilities, through innovative and technological projects that improve their living conditions.

    • Promoting technological development to educate and socially integrate children and disadvantaged people.
    • Solidarity engineering.
    • Support the training and professionalization of the third sector.
    • Improve the quality of life of the elderly.



  • Innovating with talent

    This area of action promotes and disseminates innovation, science and technology. Likewise, it promotes, through innovative methodologies and new technologies, the development of education and equal opportunities for children, students and entrepreneurs.

    • Altran Think Tank.
    • Promote knowledge and new technologies with universities, technology centers, etc.


Altran Foundation for Innovation

Voluntariado en la Fundación Altran para la Innovación


Transparency and good governance are key pillars and essential requirements for the development and activity of the Altran Foundation for Innovation.

Altran's Ethical Code


Altran's anti-corruption policy


Action Plan


Accounts Abridged


COVID-19 Integral Plan

The Foundation, through its integral plan against the Covid-19, carries out 6 solidarity projects with its volunteers.

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