Disruptive digital technologies are exerting such an impact on modern civilization that late adopters are risking nothing short of disappearance. Above all, this revolution is a great opportunity to create new business models.

Why Altran?

The digital revolution is transforming every industry and organization. Digital customers expect new forms of interaction. Digital products are delivering new services. Digital operations are streamlining production, administration and maintenance services. As these three pillars are fostering new business models, we leverage a comprehensive portfolio of expertise to help our clients succeed in the digital age.
The digital revolution is leading to a fundamental ignition of new business models.



Specialist engineers throughout the world


We supply and coordinate all the varied expertise required to develop the new services, architecture and business models that drive digital transformation.

  • Digital Experience

    Leveraging our unique cross-industry know-how and diverse international team, we help you innovate and develop differentiated products and services that are focused on the user experience.

  • Internet of Things

    We support businesses in connecting machines, objects, people and environments – transforming data into value for companies, employees and customers. Our unique IoT expertise is leveraged through our comprehensive VueForge® offer.

  • Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

    We can supply the tools, skills and processes to carry out statistical, scientific and machine-learning analysis of Big Data, along with the specialized IT infrastructure for Big Data storage and tools.

  • Digital Applications

    We offer a full range of software-related services, ranging from mobile applications, software product development and integration of business application through to critical embedded software.

  • Cybersecurity, Infrastructure & Cloud

    Our engineering services enable both physical and virtual secured infrastructure to be deployed, supporting the transition to fully digital operations.



Our WCC uses data to supply clients with insight enabling faster decision-making and reduced costs, along with forecasting and explaining new trends.

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Cybersecurity in automotive: how to stay ahead of cyber threats

The increasing capabilities offered by connected computer systems enable a wide range of features and services, but with them comes the threat of malicious attacks


Our key assets in Digital


    A culture of real applied innovation


    International team with diverse profiles


    Complete portfolio of digital expertise


    Best use of DevOps and Agile Methods

  • IOT

    Unique expertise in IoT connectivity and analytics