Digital Employee

Digital Employee improves the effectiveness of corporate communications and services, enabling organizations to personalize employee experiences which significantly improve their satisfaction and productivity while reducing operational costs.


What's the Digital Employee experience?

The Digital Employee platform integrates Big Data and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to automate processes and personalize content.

On top of optimizing cooperation and decision-taking, the Digital Employee experience puts the employee at the center with the creation of personalized journeys taking into account their personal and professional context along with their preferences at any given moment.

With Digital Employee I can manage in a customized way the whole lifecycle of our employees with relevant and personalized content based on their context and preferences Alicia Sánchez Human Resources Director
Digital Employee gives me permanent access and from any device to all corporate resources tailored for me Gala Bernal Innovation consultant
The Digital Employee platform gives me the opportunity to spread our new digital culture in a more efficient manner Javier Barrachina Head of Change and Digital Transformation

What does the platform allow?

  • Employee Experience Leaders


    • Take more effective decisions, based on correlations of information that wasn´t managed in a unified way until now.
    • Present each employee all the data and information needed at any given time so he/she can perform their work the best possible way.
    • Use advanced analytics techniques to achieve differential services for employees.
    • Manage the whole employee lifecycle in a personalized way, delivering relevant and customized content depending on each context and preferences.
  • Change and digital transformation leaders


    • Start digital transformation through people, evangelizing with a real test on a 100% digital communication and operational cannel.
    • Spread the message that the organization takes care of each employee in an individual way.
    • Consolidate varied processes and digital services in a unique platform.
    • Enable new methods for data collection for multiple internal and external sources, knowing what happens across the organization in real time.
  • Employees


    • Enjoy tailor-made solutions in mobility, easy to use on a daily basis, inside and outside the organization´s facilities.
    • 24/7/365 Access to all corporate resources (HR, meeting room reservations, document downloads, video conferencing, etc.)
    • Access corporate training catalogues and course tracking.
    • Follow the corporate feed with internal communications, contact and/or community publications, etc.

Main services

  • Administration


    • Definition of Employee Journeys
    • New communication channels
    • Personalized content management
    • Employee actions automation
    • Social media integration
    • Big Data and analytics
    • Real-time monitoring
    • Gamification
  • Employees


    • My profile
    • Projects
    • Search people
    • Surveys
    • Trainings
    • Ideas
    • Happiness stoplight
    • Messages
    • Employee perks
    • Locations (offices, meeting rooms, etc.)
    • Job openings


  • Personalized employee experience

  • Internal HR process optimization

  • 100% measurable

Want to know more about Digital Employee?

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