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Technical situations with a high degree of complexity require an objective, independent and qualified point of view. Our experts are experienced in resolving the most diverse situations in litigation and arbitration in engineering and construction projects.

Why Altran?

In an increasingly complex and demanding business environment, companies in the construction and engineering sectors must undertake international projects with increasing pressure on costs. In these circumstances, it is common for deviations to occur during the execution of projects, giving rise to claims between the various parties involved. In this context, good forensic engineering professionals play a crucial role.

What we do?

Altran’s forensic engineering area bridges the gap in professional forensic services between large forensic finance companies and freelancers or university professors. Our goal is to structure and professionalize Forensic Engineering services in a similar way to those existing in the financial sector. We provide highly qualified services oriented to the specific needs and requirements of each litigation and arbitration procedure.

Our offer

  • Forensic engineering

    We provide our clients with a team of independent technical and financial experts with extensive experience in the preparation of expert reports and their subsequent ratification in court. We are able to cover a wide range of disciplines in both engineering and economics and finance, offering a rigorous and pedagogical approach focused on the needs of the court. Our main features are the understanding of the needs of lawyers, judges and arbitrators and the high level of quality of our reports and compliance with deadlines.

  • Contract management

    Our Contract Management solution seeks to carry out a professional and comprehensive management of contracts, allowing you to make the most of your opportunities and mitigate the impact of risks. The objective is to ensure compliance with what has been agreed and generate the necessary documentation during the development of the project to enable the appropriate right to claim and then make it a reality in the form of claims before the counterpart.
    Likewise, all this documentation generated throughout the life of the contract allows that (in case it is necessary to resort to a dispute resolution mechanism) the position is more solid and sufficiently justified.
    Our experience in managing large contracts in all industries gives us a very broad and transversal vision of the problems that can occur during the execution of the project.

Our key assets

  • Expertise

    Extensive technical experience in a wide variety of disciplines in engineering and construction.

  • Legal guidance

    Understanding the needs of legal teams.

  • Contract management

    Concrete expertise in the management of contracts related to engineering and construction projects.