65% of companies are committed to digital transformation as a way of generating new business models

The banking sector has made the most progress with digitisation and the industrial sector the least

Altran and DigitalES, a technological employers’ association that brings together the major companies in the Spain’s digital innovation and technology sector, have released the ‘Game Over. Transform yourself and win the digital game’ report, which reveals a changing trend among companies regarding digitisation.

According to data from the study, for the first time, the future is taking priority over the present. Companies see building capacities to enable new business models and improve customer relations as critical. 65% of companies are committed to digital transformation as a way of generating new business models and improving customer relations (63%) rather than cutting costs (32%).

Furthermore, 55% of the companies surveyed have a digital agenda and advanced IT architecture and capacities. While this figure remains low, it points to a changing digital landscape in Spain, with different levels of implementation depending on the sector. Banking is a benchmark for identifying ideas, initiatives, use cases and best practices in digital transformation, while the industrial sector has the lowest digital penetration.

Among other factors, the most pressing issue is the implementation of agile work models. Only 39% of companies report having taken this step and currently have an “incipient” digital model that they aspire to make advanced in the medium term. Some sectors such as tourism, technology and software manufacturing have a more advanced level of digitalisation in their operating models. In addition, the report states that the reluctance of companies to embrace digitisation may be related to a “digital disruption denial” phenomenon by senior management.

Despite having different departure points, companies agree that they want to evolve their operating models, indicating their firm desire to transform themselves digitally. To this end, they need to put into practice concepts such as transformational leadership and scaling agile practices. Specifically, 60% of companies believe that an in-depth knowledge of customer needs is the primary objective of digital transformation, especially in the tourism, media and telecommunications sectors.

The use of digital transformation technologies is considered in line with practices in other countries. 60% of companies are already using new storage platforms, multicloud-based architectures and advanced analytics.

The study also addressed the strategies that companies need to put in place in the short term, the rate at which each industry is progressing and whether companies trust the cloud as the basis of their digital transformation.

The report is based on a survey of more than 120 executives from virtually every management level of the major IBEX 35 companies, operating in over 20 different industrial sectors.

‘Game Over. Transform yourself and win the digital game’ was launched on 13 November at the Inspiration and Technology Hub at The Cube in Madrid by Ana Mosquera, the Altran Group’s VP of Communications Service Providers Europe, Alicia Richart, CEO of DigitalES, and Borja García Canfrán, Associate Director of Business Consulting at Altran España.

The digital economy represents 5.6% of Spain's GDP but we are only capturing 13.5% of the digital potential. However, we have the best broadband telecommunications infrastructure in Europe, behind only Japan and Korea worldwide. This demands reflection and a commitment to digital transformation as a lever for change in the production model and for economic growth Alicia Richart General Director at DigitalES
We need to understand digital transformation imperatives at the operating model, capacity and culture levels. Otherwise, we will be undertaking technological initiatives that have no impact on Net Promoter Score, customer relations models or the roll out of new business models Borja García Canfrán Associate Director of Business Consulting at Altran Spain

The report launch was accompanied by a round table: ‘How to win the digital game’, moderated by Diego Rubio, IE’s Executive Director of the Center for the Governance of Change. Also taking part were Cristina Álvarez, IE’s Academic Director of the Masters in Digital Transformation, Isabel Bellot, Director of Digital Transformation at Balearia, Enrique Diego Bernardo, Director of Technologies at EMT, Juan Ignacio Castro, HO Military Aircraft Digital Implementation at Airbus DS, Javier Lázaro Gaspar, Director of Digital Hub at Ferrovial, Mónica García, IT Digital Director at Mapfre, and Alexandre Mahé, Digital Transformation Leader for the PSA plant in Madrid.

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65% of companies are committed to digital transformation as a way of generating new business models


Game Over. Win the Digital Game

Telecommunications, Media and Services Report

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