Let’s 5G European Forum

5G technology is already a reality. Altran, as a partner of the main operators, is also part of this new technological paradigm. In the Let's 5G European Forum event, promoted by Vodafone and of which Altran is a partner, the new service and business opportunities offered by this technology will be shown.

A preferred partner

The meeting will present the new business opportunities that 5G technology is opening, exemplified in real cases in Spain and Europe. Altran Spain, as a partner of the event, will have its own space for demonstrations, in which Industry 4.0 will take on great prominence.

Also, Ana Mosquera, EU VP Communication Service Providers Group at Altran, will show in her talk the possibilities provided by the 5G paradigm in all productive sectors.

Altran, due to its trajectory and positioning, is playing an important role in the 5G deployment, having spent more than two years in the promotion of this technology in Spain and other European countries. The multisectorial and multidisciplinary nature of the company allows it to be the link between the different verticals and the world of telecommunications.

Altran and Vodafone share the same philosophy: to put customers from different sectors at the centre for the joint development of solutions that respond to the challenges posed for the future. To this end, it is necessary to develop an ecosystem of alliances that will allow the market to offer the digital services that the industry is demanding.


  • Industry 4.0 with 5G: Augmented Reality Remote Support and Maintenance


    • Assurance of the execution of installation and maintenance operations in the field.
    • Remote connection between the field operator and a centralized expert team.
    • On-site status information and instructions from the backend are exchanged through Augmented Reality.
  • Augmented Reality Supermarket


    • Improved customer experience through Augmented Reality.
    • Value contextual information: ingredients, promotions, heat map generation, etc.
    • Devices: glasses, tablets or smartphones.
  • eGaming / e-Sports


    • Attendance to competitions in an immersive and virtual environment from home.
    • Game deployed on the edge for an improved user experience.
    • Intelligent automated video processing: detection of potential actions of interest.
    • Client interface: virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Connected Ambulance


    • Connected Ambulance to hospitals and central emergency services.
    • Accelerates and improves care.
    • Recognition of unconscious patients.
    • Remote assistance in complex resuscitation actions.
    • Rehabilitation with Augmented Reality (guided exercises).
    • Wearables: intelligent measurement and alerts.
An effective multi-industry partner ecosystem is the key to all of us taking advantage of and monetizing the 5G. Ana Mosquera EU VP Communication Service Providers Group at Altran
The possibilities opened up to develop services and propose new businesses are enormous when a different platform economy is created, which will go from being supported by large centralized CPDs to being distributed throughout the entire telecommunications access network. Luis Abad CEO Altran Spain
5G is going to revolutionize our world as much or more than cloud computing and much more than the last mobile generations; it's an incredible opportunity. Luis Manuel Díaz de Terán Director of the Telecommunications and Services division of Altran España

5G VR Streaming

The event will be able to test, thanks to the 5G technology, REMOTE VR, which allows to transmit in real time a virtual world generated in a powerful GPU server to low-performance extended reality devices (virtual or augmented).

This technology will dramatically change virtual and augmented technologies, democratizing them in these ways:

  • Easy implementation of XR, as it eliminates the need to install heavy applications on low-cost devices (AR/VR).
  • It allows the same extended reality experience to be broadcast to different types of devices.
  • Maximizes the quality of virtual worlds by rendering them on powerful GPU servers.
  • Reduces the costs of headset devices, since they do not need to process the rendering (among others).
  • Lighten headsets: Will we enter the virtual world with sunglasses in the near future?
  • Provides greater capabilities for low-cost headsets, such as spatial mapping, Artificial Intelligence (artificial vision, analytics, etc.) or collaborative environments.