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Adapting to change

Our people are our most valuable asset. As an employer, we’re dedicated to supporting employee skills, fostering professional development and protecting health and safety. We’re also committed to sustainability. As a global company, we provide our clients with sustainable engineering solutions that tackle the environmental challenges of today.

Engaged people

With our Engaged People program, Altran is committed to improving the work environment and creating a common management style and culture across the globe. All our employees benefit from a framework for defining career paths, competence mapping, assessment and development. Because our success depends on each individual’s engagement, we’re dedicated to ensuring their fair treatment and well-being.

Altran Ethical Charter

This charter is designed to unify our employees around a common framework of commitments underpinning group strategy to implement a continuous improvement approach on a daily basis.


Non-financial performance statement 2019

Altran reports on the social and environmental impacts of its activities in 2019.


Anti-Corruption Policy

Ethics and integrity are fundamental elements of our principles of action with our suppliers and clients. This commitment is not new. Indeed, in 2009, when Altran signed the UN Global Compact’s 10 Principles, our Group confirmed its willingness to work in compliance with the highest ethical standards when conducting business while respecting human rights, international labor standards, environment and anticorruption legislation. In addition, our Ethical charter emphasizes our engagement towards our partners, employees and the society in general. At all times, wherever you operate, and no matter your position, you should always keep in mind that the service we provide is not just the result of our work, but also of how we achieve it. Ethics and integrity should be in your mind as much as excellence in work performance. Corruption is today’s key concern for our Group as it can jeopardize our activities worldwide. In this respect, we have decided to design this Policy to prevent this specific risk. Our objective is to provide a detailed framework of what is expected from each of us. It should serve as a reference for applying Altran’s values in our day to day work.

Altran Anti-Corruption Policy

This Policy is intended to provide you with rules and guidelines to ensure compliance with anti-corruption laws.


Reporting System

In the case of questions or concerns to report in connection with the Ethical Charter and/or the Anti-Corruption Policy, please contact

Fighting global warming

Fostering the public interest

In several regional markets, we encourage staff to take part in skill-sponsorship programs aimed at public interest initiatives. In France, these projects have involved the themes of culture, solidarity and innovation. In Belgium, we are supporting the Digitalent initiative that gives young people a chance to create a digital project with the help of a tutor from Altran.


Catalyzing Change through CSR

Arise – the Flagship CSR Program of Altran

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Altran is creation of shared values and enhancing social commitment at all level in the company. Recognising the catalytic role of education in empowering children, youth and community members for their entry into a dignified and promising future, the Company has chosen “Promoting education and employment enhancing vocational skills” as core thematic area for its CSR interventions running in sustained mode.

The flagship CSR program “ARISE” is working actively across the country to reduce the education and skill deficit (technical and behavioural) by facilitating high-quality engineering and digital/ life education program or a customized education program based on individual needs/aspiration and industry demand for enhanced employability. The program is effectively leveraging technology as an enabler for enhancing thematic and geographical reach with special focus on marginalised Engineering students, their educators, women and other members of underserved communities. In recent past, the program has integrated a few more programmatic threads to exclusively work with differently abled, and trans people/ LGBTQ community to make diversity and inclusion a reality for the Company. This value addition to the CSR program has facilitated our programmatic reach to those diversified and hard to reach groups of society who really need support most. Till date, through sustained and comprehensive interventions, this multifaceted development program has, so far, touched lives of more than one 1 lac direct beneficiaries PAN India.

Arise CSR Best Practices in Education Award

On 5 April 2019, ARISE received the Best CSR Practices in Education Award at Crown Plaza, Gurugram. The award was presented in recognition of our efforts for leveraging technology to create learning management systems, lateral platforms for academic exchange and connecting the academic world to the industry through the CSR Volunteering/ mentorship program. ARISE was applauded for its 360-degree programmatic approach, multi-stakeholder participation, focus on diversity & inclusion and its catalysing role in using education as an enabler to create a dignified and promising future for marginalized communities.

The jury that comprised of some eminent practitioners in the CSR sector appreciated ARISE for making a real difference. The award was received by the CSR Team in the INSPIRE 2019 summit organized by Beyond Diversity Foundation, a top 10 global diversity consultant organization. The award selection process allows organizations to showcase their innovative ideas at the ground level and how it impacts people’s lives. ARISE is working actively across the country to reduce the education and skill deficit by facilitating high-quality engineering and digital life education for underprivileged engineering students, teachers in the Tier-2 and Tier-3 engineering colleges. It is leveraging technology as an enabler for the members of underserved LGBTQ and differently-abled communities who are facing a strong digital divide in the country. One of the important aspects noted by the jury was the program’s alignment to the vision and core functional area of the company i.e. engineering work for quality engineering education/digital. Skilling is difficult and a less trodden path in the CSR sector but, it is strongly aligned to the core expertise of the company and it’s more appropriate social commitment theme for us,” says Mr. Ashwani Lal, Chairman CSR Board of ATHL (part of Altran Group) in the panel discussion organized in the Summit.

Altran CSR Program Governance

  • CSR Team

    A dedicated CSR team is responsible for the effective implementation of the multifaceted ARISE program. With a combined experience of working at the grass-root level and leading CSR and development-based initiatives of national repute, the team has been working on developing a CSR portfolio for shared value creation. Our focus remains not only on ideation, development and effective implementation of CSR programs but also working resourcefully towards the realization of our national developmental commitments and Sustainable Development Goals. Dr. Nuzhat Parveen led the CSR portfolio and manages the program in active collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

    “It is quite enthralling that we have leveraged our resources to address some of the key societal issues. Moving away from mainstream CSR initiatives, Altran is investing in Engineering and Digital Life Education for enhancing the employability of marginalized students. Through our CSR programs, we have exhibited a strong commitment to work for our philosophy of diversity and inclusion and our determination to make it a reality. Through the sustained participation of our engineers in core programmatic activities as CSR volunteers, we have been able to touch many lives positively” said Ashwani Lal, Chairman CSR Board.

  • CSR Committee and CSR Board

    Our CSR committee consists of three directors, out of which at least one director is always an independent director. The committee meets as and when deemed appropriate to discuss and review CSR activities. A quorum of two members is ensured to be present for the proceedings to take place. The committee has the authority to call such employee(s), senior official(s) and or externals to participate in the meeting as it deems fit. The company secretary acts as secretary to the committee. The committee reviews CSR projects/programs which the company plans to undertake during the implementation year, review specified modalities of execution in the areas/sectors chosen and implementation schedules for the same before approving the CSR program.

  • CSR Program Implementation Mechanism

    Altran conducts/implements its CSR program through Trusts, Societies, or Section 8 companies operating in India that are not set up by the company. CSR implementing agencies having an established track record of three years in undertaking similar CSR programs or projects in pursuance with the relevant regulations, possessing required documentation can submit a detailed project proposal with funding requirements.

    Our CSR Committee/ board is ensuring a transparent monitoring mechanism for affirming the implementation of the projects/programs/activities to be undertaken by the company or through CSR Implementing Agencies. The monitoring process of the program includes appropriate documentation of the CSR activities, execution reports, reports on execution by CSR Implementing Agency(s), and all expenditures.

Conclusive words from CSR desk on CSR Volunteering and the programs

One of the important features of ARISE is it’s sustained CSR Volunteering program that is well integrated into the upskilling needs for enhancing the quality of engineering and life skills education. This CSR initiative is engaging our expert engineers in orienting beneficiary students and teachers about industry requirements, and also guide/advise them for excelling in their lives. The program is designed to bridge the existing gap in the academic and industry worlds and has offered support to more than 4000 ARISE beneficiaries. It has facilitated beneficiaries’ interaction with expert engineers of Altran who have excelled in their respective fields and hold vast experience of working on various live projects. The initiative has immensely contributed to increasing social commitment at all levels in the company.

The company is investing in high-quality Engineering and Digital/ Life Education to enhance the personal and professional capacities of students, teachers and other diversified community members such as visually challenged and LGBTQ community. A sustained engagement of our employees in many programmatic activities as CSR Volunteers have added significant value to the program.

We are very sure that this constantly growing ownership of the core CSR philosophy will be a real enabling factor for hundreds and thousands of people in the future.