Portable On Board Printer 3D

  • 100%

    made by Altran Italy

  • 12

    months development project

  • 1

    Successful Experimentation at the International Space Station

The background

The Portable On Board Printer 3D goal is the transfer Additive Manufacturing Technology to 3D-print in µ Gravity context for spacecrafts applications.Objective of the investigation was to prove FDM viability for making plastic objects onboard the International Space Station.

Our solution

E2E Design & Development from concept to product facing challenging product requirements implementation (µ Gravity, safety, usability & human machine interface) and involving different engineering disciplines:
– Electrical/Electronic components Engineering & Design
– Mechanical Product Design
– Addictive Manufacturing & 3D Printing process know how
– Product qualification for space station application
– Prototyping and manufacturing

What we deliver

  • Stand - alone Payload

  • Open-source HW

  • COTS subsystem