Aeronautics’ leading players need to address their chronic production backlog and embrace the possibilities of digital technologies. Altran deep cross-industry excellence enables them to tackle their R&D, production and business challenges.



    Aircraft required over the next 20 years  



    Air traffic over the next 20 years 


    $6.2 Bn

    In in-flight entertainment and connectivity revenue in 2020 


The industry’s problem isn’t selling planes. It’s making planes. The current backlog for one leading manufacturer represents 10 years’ annual production. Digitization is also disrupting traditional models.
In this rapidly evolving environment, players need to address a wide range of challenges from the transition towards incremental development to the production ramp up issue and the development of new services. This fosters new approaches and new activities, calling for brand new skills.


  • Advanced aircraft development

    Altran accelerates your aircraft development from design to manufacturing & customer services, with innovative end-to-end capabilities, while tackling your new environmental, regulatory and security challenges:

    • Systems engineering and MBSE
    • Aerostructure
    • Fluids & Thermal Engineering
    • Aircraft cabin Design & Innovation
    • Flight physics
    • Board to Board Safety
    • Critical software systems development
  • Production ramp-up & Industry 4.0

    Altran enhances your ramp-up performance while accompanying you in the development of the industrial roadmap towards the next generation of smart & digital factories (Industry 4.0) leveraging deep expertise and methods in the industrial environment:

    • Consulting on Manufacturing Technology Strategy and Roadmap
    • Manufacturing Digital Transformation
    • User Centric Technology insertion for enhanced manufacturing performance
    • Connected, Virtual and Digital Factory
    • Operation and execution of industrial Performance services (Quality, Supply Chain & Logistics, Procurement)
  • Disruptive services & connectivity

    Altran boosts your innovation on new services and revenue streams integrating a high aerospace understanding and a cross-industry experience in industrial analytics & IoT Analytics:

    • Analytics services
    • Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul
    • IoT Solutions eg Location Based Services
    • Innovation and Design



Specialized aeronautical engineers across the world

Advanced Manufacturing

Industry is set for a real evolution. The arrival of digital technologies has led to reviewing the whole production system, and even the way products are designed.

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Developing intelligent composite structures

Altran has been involved in SARISTU, a large-scale integrating project aimed at achieving reductions in aircraft weight and operational costs, as well as improvements in the flight-profile-specific aerodynamic performance

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Aircraft of the future

From the 1960s through the early 2000s, aircraft programs underwent many changes, especially with respect to increasing seat and range capabilities. Today, with the evolution of air traffic and the increase in the number of players in the industry, aircraft demand has reached an impasse.



  • Reinventing air travel experience

    Our Center of Excellence Cabin, located in Hamburg, is specialised on the delivery of complete, innovative cabin solutions from one hand based on a consumer-centric approach, considering passenger needs and airlines’ requirements at the same time.

  • Intelligent Systems

    We support you through design, realization and industrialization of intelligent and interconnected systems. We operate in the field of electronics, software and connectivity to ensure time-to-market, competitiveness and results

  • Mechanical Engineering

    “We offer the most advanced technologies and services to design, analyzed and build products; with our capability we reduce time to market and development cost.
    Our offer:
    System Engineering and Prototyping
    Virtual Design
    Virtual Validation”

Digital cabins – 5 ways it will revolutionize the passenger experience

Innovations in aircraft interiors will have a deep impact on passenger experience but also on airliners.


Digital Transformation

The Digital Shift has happened

A transformation in three dimensions


Industry 4.0

Virtual factory of the future

Although this initiative is often associated with the introduction of new technologies in factories, the fourth industrial revolution is a much broader concept that encompasses profound transformations throughout the industrial value chain.


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