XENO Gas&Power operates in the highly complex and constantly-evolving energy sector against a backdrop of progressive normalization of the Italy-Europe energy markets.

Why you need it ?

XENO works to help companies operating in the Gas&Power market, drawing on its experience in other major custom projects.
It offers strong integration with carriers, GME, PCE, Stogit and Terna, and is integrated for data reporting according to the ACER/REMIT standards.

What it does ?

XENO is a web platform that easily integrates with the Client’s applicational systems as well as external systems. Usable via web browser, its home page features an authentication function that requires users to enter their username and password. It’s based on IIS Web Application (Web Interface) and Business Logic – Oracle (Data Layer) architecture.
The suite includes the following modules:
TGAS: Appointments, Settlement Balance, Chain
Tplus: Deal Management, Book – Wallet
TLC: Transportation and Storage Costs
T-ABROAD: Excenge nomination
Tpower: Bidding & Trading, Scheduling
CMS: Capturing Deal, Portfolio Analysis
T-REMIT: System Monitoring Of European Energy Markets
The application is customizable to the specific needs of the customer can also choose from installations in-house or outsourced.

Xeno works to promote compliance with REMIT standards

Our key assets


    Trading & Shipping

    XENO Trading & Shipping is a Power & Gas management company



    Predictive calculation of energy balances



    Reporting tailored to customer needs