Altran Italy at Motor Valley Fest in Modena shows off the new assisted driving car concept conceived with IDEMIA

Altran Italy, part of the Altran leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), takes part in the “Motor Valley Fest” which will be held in Modena from 16 to 19 May 2019.

Altran will show off some innovative projects carried out in the automotive sector: “Alpha2”, a style concept developed by the Altran Design Center relating to an electric super car; some demos of virtual reality (immersive and augmented) applied to training in the industrial field (Industry 4.0); an innovative man-machine interface configurable for the automotive sector; a voice assistant to support vehicle testing.

Furthermore, on May 17th, in the MASA – Modena Automotive Smart Area (via Montessori parking area), it will be possible to admire “Columbia”, a new self-driving concept car made by Altran in collaboration with IDEMIA, world leader in the field of the Augmented Identity.

Autonomous vehicles, both for transporting people and for transporting goods, represent a potentially enormous turning point for everyday life, business and society. Among the possible advantages, we include the reduction of accidents resulting from human error, the reduction of costs and the environmental impact of transport, the reduction of time spent on driving and the accessibility to a larger number of users. It is estimated that in 2030 15% of the cars sold will be completely autonomous and equipped with a self-learning system based on artificial intelligence.

The concept car “Columbia”, unveiled successfully at Paris Motor Show in October 2018, is an autonomous and connected vehicle designed for several uses and it is equipped with an embedded AI system. It let new user experience based on driverless vehicles interacting with the human environment and with different infrastructures

The vehicle combines two services in one: an assisted driving car for personal use based on a shared transport concept and a transport solution for professional users, including dropping off and collecting items along the route.

Altran teamed up with IDEMIA to design the vehicle and developed several applications, including: scalable and innovative vehicle platform using more than 20 sensors embedded; plug and play Electric Electronic architecture enabling autonomous mobility systems; system of light interactions for the vehicle, front & rear, with light bands and LED screens; intelligent dashboard to interact with the vehicle and services; finally, a mobile application called “I-ris” allows the user to control the vehicle, send a package and manage the shared transport, also integrating the IDEMIA face recognition system that provides safe access to the vehicle.

Thanks to biometric and facial recognition technologies, “Columbia” provides security and enhanced user convenience by creating a strong digital identity. Biometrics ensure reliable data recording when users sign up for the service, and strong authentication of individual vehicle users. Thanks to the e-KYC (know your customer) system, there is a digital user enrolment pathway that creates an identity. A digital car key solution allows the end-user to use a digital key stored in their smartphone to open and start the vehicle. This solution is cloud-based to securely send the digital key to the smartphone, with a secured smartphone environment to store the digital car key and a facial recognition to enable the digital car key. The DMS (driving monitoring system) is an on-board camera system that monitors driver behavior and interacts with the driver to return control of the vehicle to the human driver in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

With over 7,800 specialists operating in 15 countries, Altran boasts a world leadership position in the automotive sector, in particular on 3 key domains: Autonomous Driving & Connectivity, Powertrain & Electro mobility and Complete Vehicle Development. Altran plays a key role in the innovative 3D car printing processes thanks to the partnership with Divergent. In the city of Turin there is the Altran Testing Center and the Altran Design Center, specialized in industrial design especially in the automotive field. Finally, the company “frog” which is part of the group Altran, develops design strategies and user experience for the mobility of the future, from models to digital interfaces.

For further information about the autonomous driving, you can download the white paper written by specialists of “Autonomous Driving – how to overcame the 5 main techno challenges” (section “Automotive” of the Altran website).

Altran Italy at Motor Valley Fest in Modena shows off the new assisted driving car concept conceived with IDEMIA

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