Interactive Rescaled Reality: partnership Altran Italy-BhaiTech

Altran Italy Autonomous Driving competence center is committed on Research, Innovation and Development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) for future self-driving cars. Thanks to an open innovation approach, Altran Italy also run a partner research program with start-up, Universities and distinctive technological innovators.

In this framework, Altran Italy and BhaiTech announces a partnership focused on an innovative technology developed by BhaiTech.‎ Interactive Rescaled Reality is a technology which enables ADAS/Autonomous Driving testing in absence of pattern or predictability in events.

A rescaled traffic scenario populated by real drivers and rescaled vehicles equipped with the ADAS/V2X/AD technology under development is the working principle of “interactive Rescaled Reality”. BhaiTech is an automotive and motorsport R&D service provider. A marked attitude to innovation combined with niche know-how has made the company a player within Autonomous Driving.