Altran Italy and AddFor on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Altran Italy and AddFor announce a partnership to offer integrated services in the field of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence applied to advanced controls for the automotive industry. Areas of intervention include sideslip angle estimator, traction control, virtual sensors, e-powertrain and more.

AddFor has more than 10 years of active collaboration with car manufacturers and Tier1 suppliers in developing the next generation AI-based technologies and virtual testing for passengers, high-performance and motorsport vehicles.

Thanks to an open innovation approach, Altran and AddFor run a partner research program with technology providers, Universities and distinctive innovators. Altran operates in the Automotive market as a complete R&D center to engineer advanced E/E systems and new generation powertrain up to complete vehicle development with more than 6.000 experts worldwide. Altran provides system integration and validation services on the Addfor products for both OEM and Tier 1. The partnership between Altran Italy and AddFor secures a short time to market for customers combined with a world leading support network and high quality solutions in focus.