Altran at the workshop “UniNA MATLAB not just a license”

Gabriele Piantadosi, Advanced Consultant of Altran Italia Technology Center, and expert of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Computer Vision, will intervene on June 27th at the workshop entitled “UniNA MATLAB not just a license” organized by CSI Systems University Center for Services Informative University Federico II of Naples.

Altran Italia is one of the major national players in the field of innovation, thanks to the strong skills and engineering know-how that ranges from Artificial Intelligence to Digital Transformation, to Internet of Things technologies, up to Virtual Reality, to Autonomous Driving and Industry 4.0. These skills are strongly supported by a selected pool of cutting-edge software including the entire Mathworks product suite.

In the speech of Gabriele the main contributions of Altran in the sectors of interest of the Intelligent Systems Expertise Center (ISyEC) will be shown highlighting the strengths of this synergy during the whole development process: the best technologies to make the ideas of the experts concrete Altran driving technological innovation.

Special guest of the workshop is Loren Shure: co-author of several MathWorks products, he has made an important contribution to the design of the MATLAB language and will show how engineers and scientists are using MATLAB® and Simulink® to design and incorporate AI in the next generation of intelligent and connected systems.

For more information and to view the workshop agenda click here.